Engineering Solutions with a Focus on Resource Conservation and Environmental Sustainability






Fiss Environmental Solutions, Inc (FISS) is an environmental engineering and consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our goal is to provide technical support and solutions to solve the most complex water, wastewater, environmental, energy and regulatory problems that clients face in today’s world. Projects are approached with a focus on resource conservation and environmental sustainability. Our priorities are technical expertise, high quality work and deliverables, responsiveness to client needs, with controlled project costs and competitive pricing.

7251 Pineville-Matthews Road - Suite 300

Charlotte, NC   28226

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Edward C. Fiss Jr., P.E.
Telephone: 704-374-5400

E. Matthew Fiss, PhD, P.E.
Telephone: 704-374-5399

Robert M. Stein, P.E.
Telephone: 704-362-6000

Robert L.F. Rebodos, PhD, P.E.
Telephone: 704-374-5328

Samanth E. Dawson, P.E.
Telephone: 704-374-5393

Trisha D. Vincent

Telephone: 704-374-5397